This is part 2/2 of the “deep dive” into the topic of global development, which is divided into five small sections or questions. Previously, in part 1/2, we covered:

  • First, what are the development goals and focuses of governments around the world?
  • Second, what are the challenges to achieving them?

And in this part 2/2 video, we will cover:

  • Third, any interesting and good practices in global development?
  • Forth, ideas and solutions proposed by young people to make development a reality.
  • Lastly, some very critical thoughts and reality checks as we think about global development.

Special thanks to all youth participants during the weekend informal discussions, Tsinghua University, and the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance (GMA)‘s Global Hybrid Classroom course: “China’s Perspective on Global Development Initiative” (you can rewatch the lecture playback at

If you have any questions, reach out at

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