Previously, building towards this final video, our series explored questions relating to the topic of “global development”, such as:

With all these development challenges and issues impacting future generations, I asked young people from around the world:

  • What is “global” in “global development” and why is it so important? For example, how is it different from international development?
  • What are the roles of young people today? And what leadership is required from young people to promote “global development”?

In the end, I also summarized the leadership types with a word cloud; plus, I shared my thoughts and reflections of the 4-part video series.

Special thanks to all youth participants during the weekend informal discussions, Tsinghua University, and the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance (GMA)‘s Global Hybrid Classroom course: “China’s Perspective on Global Development Initiative” (you can rewatch the lecture playback at

One more thing. Let me share this interesting exchange that happened between two participants from Latin America. Very fascinating. You don’t want to miss this.

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