Youth for Global Development (Y4GD)

We believe youth are a part of the solution to create positive progress in global development. This is an open call to unite our voices and actions to build a global community of shared future.

Development is an eternal theme of humanity. Without development, nothing would be possible. Y4GD aims to refocus youth from around the world on the issue of development, promote international cooperation, and provide youth insights and ideas for solving difficult development issues and speed up implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Focus Areas of Global Development:

Join me and go around the world to learn about different development topics

We host informal discussions Online…

… on different topics every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday at 1-2 PM across three timezones: Asia (Beijing/ GMT+8), Africa & Europe (Nairobi/ GMT+3), and Americas (Santiago/ GMT-3).

Our topics cover anything from poverty reduction, zero hunger and food security, digital technology and economy, climate action and green development, inclusive and equitable quality education, health and well-being, employment and entrepreneurship.

Resources & Lecture Series

Y4GD works with a number of partners to provide high-quality resources to help you better understand the topic of “Global Development”. If you have any other recommendations, please reach out to me at

“What possible solutions for a sustainable world?”

Learning Planet Institute

Developed by the Learning Planet Institute (LPI), this course is an introduction to the challenges of sustainability and to the possible solutions identified, already existing or to be developed, to respond to them. It offers a synthesis of the scientific knowledge available on these themes. It was designed as part of a training module for undergraduate students and is aimed at all those who wish to learn about these issues.

The course presents the nature, complexity, orders of magnitude and interrelationships of the main environmental issues we face. The understanding of these planetary limits, of these natural constraints, makes it possible to delimit the space in which the economic and social activities of humanity can develop. It consists of 4 episodes of about 30 min covering 8 chapters.

Coming soon!

Y4GD is working with the LPI to launch an English version of the course by the end of 2022, while the French version (“Quelles pistes de solutions pour un monde soutenable?”) can be found here at

“China’s Perspective on Global Development Initiative”

Tsinghua University
Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance (GMA)

In collaboration with Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance (GMA), Tsinghua University developed and launched a graduate course, namely “China’s Perspective on Global Development Initiative” for the 2022 Autumn semester through their Global Hybrid Course and Global Open Course initiatives. The course presents the latest development in China’s society, economy, culture, and science and technology. The lecture series introduces the frontiers in research and relevant practices in China, focusing on the digital economy, poverty reduction, COVID drugs and vaccines, development financing, climate change and green development, interconnection, and other fields.

Enoch, the founder of Y4GD, was the lead TA of the course and launched an informal discussion semester series.